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Getting A Good Contact Lens Fit

Experience the freedom of choice with contact lenses – your passport to effortless style and unrestricted vision. They allow you to enjoy activities with ease, show off your true eye color, and boost your confidence. Our selection of contacts include daily disposables, bi-weekly and monthly lenses, and even specialty lenses for challenging cases.

We care about making sure our patients have comfortable contact lenses, which is why we spend time evaluating each person's eye shape and corneal and pupil size. This helps us suggest the best contact lenses that will work perfectly for their vision needs.

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Why Do You Need a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses rest on your eyes, so it’s important to check how well they fit and if they’re good for your eye health. A contact lens exam allows one of our eye doctors to look at how healthy your cornea is, the quality of the tears in your eyes, and how well the lenses sit. This way, we make sure your contact lenses feel great and work perfectly for you. We’ll also give you a sample to try on during your exam and you’ll get to test the lenses out at home before settling on a choice.

Establishing a Good Contact Lens Fit at Ada Vision Center

Fitting lenses to your lifestyle
Your contact lenses need to fit your life effortlessly. That’s why we consider what you need to see well, what activities you do every day, and what preferences you have. Whether you love playing sports outside, spend a lot of time on computers, or want to change your eye color, we have many choices that can match your lifestyle needs.

Follow up fittings
After your initial eye exam and fitting, we’ll check on how your contact lenses are working for you. This helps us fix anything if needed, so you can have the most clear and comfortable vision possible. During your follow up fitting, we’ll also make sure you understand how to take good care of your contact lenses so you can keep your eyes safe from infections and other complications.

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Discover the Freedom of Contact Lenses

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Daily Contact Lenses

Many people who wear contact lenses enjoy daily disposables, which are worn once and then thrown away. With these, you don't need to clean or store them – just use them and discard. This is great if you have a lot going on or don't want to spend time taking care of your lenses every day.

Bi-Weekly and Monthly Contact Lenses

These contacts can be worn for a longer time, like two weeks or a whole month, before changing them. However, you need to make sure you clean and store them properly to keep your eyes healthy. Bi-weekly and monthly lenses are also budget-friendly, meaning you get the benefits of clear vision and easy use without spending too much.

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Colored Contact Lenses

Want to have a little fun with your eye color? Colored contact lenses are a great way to add a dash of creativity to your everyday look. You can also match a character style for special occasions like Halloween or cosplay.

Our colored contact lenses are safe and approved by the FDA, which means you can wear them without worrying about damaging your eyes. You can also pick from a variety of colors and cool effects. Plus, they come in both prescription and non-prescription forms.

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Bifocal and Multifocal Contacts

As we get older, our eyes change and make it harder to see things close up. This is known as presbyopia or age-related farsightedness.

Wearing reading glasses can help with seeing close-up, but this can feel tedious because they don't offer vision correction for distance vision. Bifocals and multifocals are an ideal solution to this problem. Some have two different prescriptions in one lens – one for seeing things far away and one for seeing up close. Others have even more prescriptions in the same lens, so you can see things that are near, kind of far, and really far, all without changing glasses. These lenses are super handy for presbyopia because you don't have to switch between different glasses or wear reading glasses.

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Specialty Contact Lenses for Hard-to-Fit Eyes

Some people who want to wear contact lenses might be told they can't because of certain eye conditions that make finding the right fit difficult.

The good news is, specialty contact lenses are designed just for these unique cases, and they're effective for patients dealing with:

  • Astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Pellucid marginal degeneration
  • Dry eye
  • Presbyopia
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC)
  • After LASIK or other surgeries
  • Corneal scarring

Specialty lenses come in different types, like toric lenses, scleral lenses, and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. If you’re ready to give them a try, schedule a contact lens exam with us today!