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Halloween & Theatrical Contacts

What look is complete without the perfect eyewear to tie it all together? Here at Ada Vision, we not only have the perfect glasses to match your look, we have the perfect decorative contacts as well. When looking for novelty contact lenses, it is of the utmost importance to obtain sets that are properly prescribed and purchased from a trustworthy source. Failure to make a responsible eyewear purchase could lead to painful eye issues and even severe vision problems.

So, adorn your eyes safely and securely with us! Call our Ada Vision Center Downtown Center location for Prices on our Halloween and Theatrical Contact Lenses at (208) 336-2020.

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Call for Prices on our Halloween and Theatrical Contact Lenses (208) 336-2020


Per CDC recommendation, Ada Vision Center will be open for emergency services only from Monday, March 30th through Friday, April 10th. Our modified hours will be from 10 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday (208) 336-2020. If this is an after-hours emergency, please call (208) 631-1868.