Why we like, and have, the frames we do.


If you've ever been in and taken a good look at our frames, chances are you've seen some frames you recognized--as well as some you haven't.
We strive to have a great selection of unique frames, as well as some of the time tested standards.
Eyewear can accent your unique personality, give you a feeling of extra confidence, pull an outfit together, or make a bold statement.
New glasses can be accent you've been looking for. We'd like to talk a little about some of our favorite brands.


Etnia Barcelona - Alexandria - PUGR

  Etnia Barcelona


Etnia Barcelona - Statement and color. 
We waited a long time before bringing in these frames, and they are so much more than we could have ever hoped for. 
The colors of the Italian acetate are something that has to be seen in person; and the color purity in the aluminium frames...
These beg to be tried on.
We are the only office in Boise to carry Etnia Barcelona; Be sure to check out their website.









Aframes - Senegal - Brown Fade


*Only at Ada Vision Center

Aframes - Not only are these frames stylish, found only in our office, but with every pair, Aframes donates to save the eyesight of a child. Awesome!
Here's what they have to say:
We created Aframes to fill a gap in the current fashion and eyewear market. Since the popularity of cause driven products, one thing has been missing - quality. That is why our glasses are handmade in Istanbul from only the finest Italian acetate to ensure that each pair looks great, feels great, and stands up to daily wear. Keeping with our mission, we donate a portion of each sale to help fund the distribution of Vitamin A supplementation in developing nations.




Ovvo - 2483 - Black Neon

  Ovvo Optics

OVVOWeighing barely 0.6 ounces OVVO frames offer unparalleled comfort and unfailing durability. Tests showed that stretched flat frames can hold up to 90 pounds without breaking or wrecking. Virtually indestructible and highly flexible is also OVVO Optics-patented screw-free hinge that can withstand more than 300,000 rotations (an equivalent of 205 years of usage) and reveal no changes in structure or appearance.

Watch This!

Dida c.03

  Xavier Garcia logo

Xavier Garcia“I design, produce and sell my own framess with no limits other than the search for my way , trying to be as genuine as possible.” – Xavier Garcia
From our headquarter in Barcelona, we design, produce and offer our glasses collection to all opticians and eyewear users who are looking for original frame designs, technically well crafted, and made by high quality materials and finishings.
We identify ourselves as members of the “slow design” movement because we believe in change, authenticity, economic sustainability, in real value of the products and in the added value that design provides.
We like to introduce ourselves as: ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC and CREATIVE.





Von Arkel Frame

  Von Arkel Logo

Von Arkel - In the 18th Century, in the heart of Switzerland’s “Vallée de Joux” in the Jura region, the art of watchmaking was taking on a new dimension, driven by passionate artisans. Extreme precision, attention to detail, immeasurable quality, and a constant culture of innovation – together, all of these elements gave rise to the art of fine watchmaking.

Over two centuries later, and the Von Arkel brand has inherited from this exceptional tradition, bringing it – for the first time ever – to the world of luxury eyewear.

With their revolutionary hinge, the Von Arkel frames combine exclusive and elegant style with unrivalled technicality drawn directly from watchmaking talent.

And now, you too can enjoy this savoir-faire.

Behind their pure and timeless design, Von Arkel frames are a veritable technological marvel.

Revolutionary in the eyewear universe, the patented hinge has been entirely designed and developed in the very cradle of fine watchmaking, the “Vallée de Joux”.

It is the brain-child of Dubois-Dépraz company and the result of over two years’ research and development.

The hinge is available in two calibres: 8.0 and 9.0. True masterpieces created with absolute virtuosity.

Why ‘Von Arkel’ ?

The name is in homage to Anton Eduard Van Arkel, a twentieth-century Dutch chemist.

In 1925, together with his associate Jan Hendrik de Boer, Van Arkel found a means to produce pure zirconium industrially.

This process would subsequently be applied to the production of titanium, of which Von Arkel glasses are made today.


Caviar 1772


Caviar Caviar’s passion is to conceptualize, design and bring to life luxurious handcrafted eyewear to fashion conscious women all over the world.  Caviar’s iconic trademark, which is easily recognized, includes luxurious authentic Austrian crystals and breathtaking architectural designs. Caviar prides its self on not following trends, but strives to create them out of the wants and needs of our consumers. Caviar adheres to the following three ideologies: strive to be the world’s best producers of luxurious crystal eyewear, provide  excellent customer service, and stay committed and true to our brand.